30/30 Hula Hoop Challenge

Growing up, I never owned a hula hoop. Usually, I went to birthday parties or friends houses and played with these mesmerizing circles during games and competitions. I never imagined that I would still be playing with these "toys" at the age of eighteen.

The first time my friend Jessie persuaded me to go to The Healing Circle club meeting with her, I had my doubts. Other than shaking your hips, I was sure there wasn't much else a person could do with a hoop... Boy, was I wrong.

I was completely blown away and slightly intimidated by what I saw.  There were girls hooping around their hips, knees, arms, shoulders, ankles, hands, elbows... everywhere! Some would grab the hoop from their waists while raising it towards the sky, embodying a perfect vortex. Or others would repeatedly drive it into a perfect isolation. The hoop was apart of them and each person had their own technique and style that made it so beautiful to watch.  But I don't think it was until the club leader, Hana, started hooping with her rainbow LED hula hoop that I was completely speechless. Her seemingly effortless artistry with the hoop almost made me cry.  I needed to learn how to hoop.

Needless to say, I'm not a very coordinated person, especially when it involves using every muscle and limb in my whole body. I found it difficult to progress quickly with a standard 36 inch hula hoop. While my friends and idols progressed everyday, my struggles got the best of me; however, I was determined to continue hooping. Luckily (finally) I found my solution. Mini hoops.

It's been about four months since I began hula hooping. It's my anti-drug, my stress reliever, my way of meditation. There hasn't been one day where I've gone without hooping. Dancing with my hoops gives me a chance to let myself go and drift into a total bliss. Hooping has truly been a healed medium within these past few months.

So, for the next 30 days the members of The Healing Circle have been challenged to hoop and share their experiences. Challenge accepted. Happy hooping!

(Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted to my blog, but I'd like to think it's better late than never. ;} )

Voyage of Little Red

First semester of college was exciting, dreamy, wonderful, scary, shocking, stressful, and life changing all at once. There isn't one moment that I regret or want to re-live. Every moment passed has it's place in time and I look back at each and every one adoringly. That said, I've already kicked this year off with another great voyage, second semester! 

So I named this post, "Voyage of Little Red". Since being Little Red Riding Hood this past Halloween, I've really attached myself with this character. It sounds silly, but only the crazy few understand my logic.

I finally moved out and away from my previous dorm situation. It was a bit messy, but ill spare you the details. In short, I'm now living with my best-friend, Shipley. We're pretty much inseparable and one in the same. Even though we had a blast and an epic ending to last semester, we've both agreed that playtime has to come to an end at some point, and business is business. It's time to get serious.

What else? I'm completely smitten with my new man. Guess you'll have to wait till next post to hear more about mystery man. Oh my.

Hello Humboldt

Yes. It’s officially been a month since I arrived to my new and fascinating home away from home, Arcata. I’ve been waiting for this. A new beginning, a clean canvas… freedom to be who I want to be. No more superficial relationships with plastic mannequins! Swag.

I’ve never been so comfortable or so sure of my self up until now. I’ve never been this confident. Surrounded by new friends and becoming so close with them in such a short amount of time has never been this easy.

SAM_0615 (2)Local flowers from an Arcata house garden.

Arcata is probably the sweetest town I’ve ever visited. It’s completely supported by the college students and all locally owned businesses. It’s a bit of a walk from my dorm room, but I can’t help exploring my new playground. Especially since there’s fairs and markets on weekends! Ah, I can’t help but buy useless trinkets. I’ll admit it, I’ve become a vintage junkie.

So, apparently I’ve become a bit of a nature child as well. Campus dorms are extremely close to the national forest. My backyard literally is the redwoods. I’ve even picked up a nature name which some people call me by: Peace. It’ll take a bit getting used to, but honestly, I think it’s pretty cool. Rumor has it that Star Wars was filmed in these woods. I believe it. I’m still waiting to see an ewok in the forest…

Weekends are always a surprise, here in Humboldt. But I’ve come to create and live by a few simple standards I feel fit for my weekend excursions.
Rule #1: Never plan. Just do.  
Rule #2: Always bring a flashlight. The forest is alive.
Rule #3: Carry change for the hobo’s… it’s karma.
Rule #4: People watch. I promise you’ll be amused.
Rule #5: Bring a lighter. You’ll make many friends.
Rule #6: Home is where you are. Embrace it.

I’m really trying my hardest to explain to you how bazaar and unique Humboldt county is, but I’m having the hardest time deciding where to start! There’s just too much to tell!

Indian Winter?

I’m usually accustomed to the summer weather extending well into October. Also known as an “Indian Summer”. But winter extending into summer? Woah there. I think mother nature just just skipped a whole season. Spring has officially been canceled. Thank you global warming.

So today, June 2nd I woke up to this:
SAM_0532 (2)5 more inches of snow last night. More on the way, too.

Thankfully, no more shoveling for me. I took phone calls all day from our campers. It truly is a joy working with such patient and die hard customers. They are so dedicated to the camp experience.

Later my boss asked me to take some pictures for the camp website along with my friend and co-worker, Catie. What should have taken us a short 20 minutes ended up prolonging well over an hour. Oops. guess we were just having too much fun.

SAM_0571 (2)

Did I mention it was freezing? Oh, I love my job.

Home Away From Home

So, I made it safely to Tahoe on Saturday. Thankfully, I snagged the same rooming and bed as I had last year. My entire room was empty so I had no problem settling in. Huzzah!

I have some pretty amazing roommates in the rooms neighboring me, too. “Girls Crew” is currently inhabited by some ladies from the AmeriCorps program. I was so excited to meet them. I mean honestly, I consider them modern day heroes. Anyway, it was my bosses birthday, so his wife cooked us an amazing dinner (salmon with a dill and sour cream sauce, grilled zucchini salad, tomato salad, and wild rice.) We all talked and got toasty while it continued to snow outside. Eight inches! Little did I know, I would have to shovel all that the next day…

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be a heavy weight champion after this summer. Yesterday I shoveled… and shoveled… and shoveled. I shoveled snow. I shoveled mud. Basically, I’m getting in shape the old fashioned way. We finished around dinner time, so my supervisors fiancée treated us to a sushi buffet. It was delish.

My greatest feat of the weekend was meeting my snowboarding idols, Girl Powder. I was speechless. They didn’t know I knew who they were, but I recognized them from their snowboarding fan page and videos. They were so cool and really nice! I’m still in a daze.

To wrap it up, you can only guess what I did today… shoveling! I feel like I’ve been hit by a train. Glad to be back at camp anyway. Will post pictures soon.